The Ultimate 2021 Hawaii Bucket List

Kailua Beach is less than 30 minutes from Honolulu, on the wind coast of Oahu, and is known as one of America’s best beaches. Kailua Beach Park offers visitors a perfect half mile of soft white sand, warm tropical water and enough wind to cool things down a bit. Here you can easily relax or try your luck in a wide variety of water sports, such as bodyboarding, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling and diving. For hiking and camping adventures to Haleakala National Park, research and form your action plan in advance.

Checking the places where sacrifices were made to gods and goddesses is also on the itinerary. This walk is short and maintained, so even the weak hearts can still enjoy this experience. At the top you will see idyllic golden beaches on your left and the bustling Waikīkī on your right. The fact that it is not extremely physically challenging does not underestimate the path. Make sure to pack water, wear sunscreen and wear a hat in the shade of the Hawaiian sun.

Cut through centuries of erosion and the collapse of the volcano that formed Kaua’i, the “Grand Pacific Canyon” stretches for 10 miles, 1 mile wide and over 3,600 feet deep. Viewpoints on the road along the winding panoramic route of reddish cliffs, imposing waterfalls and endless gorges. Steep trails take hikers to the canyon floor, coastal waters and deep swamps on top of the mountain.

Hang out on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world or climb to the top of latent volcanoes. Dive into the rich island culture or learn about the abundant indigenous marine life of the state. The newly developed south side of Kauai is known for its great snorkeling spots and sunny beach weather.

This side is also known for washing some of Kauai’s most valuable treasures; sunrise shells and glassfish drivers. Another area on the east side worth a visit is the old town of Kazaa, where you will find outdated ice cream parlors, small boutiques, local-style restaurants wedding photographers hawaii and art galleries. Kapaa also has open-air markets where locals sell unique gifts, such as sarongs, koa wood crafts, Hawaiian jewelry and more. Since it is 10,000 feet above sea level, you will be amazed at some of the things you will see when you visit the park.

Along the coast are hotels and resorts, including the Grand Hyatt Kauai and the modern Koa Kea hotel. You will also find lonely beaches framed by green mountains that rise to the clouds. Hardly populated, the south side is a great place to enjoy Hawaii at its best. In the old town of Koloa you will find museums that provide information about sugarcane mills, the oldest agricultural industry in Kauai. Many of the mills are still visible and offer photo opportunities when the sun sets against their tin roofs.

To answer the second question, I always joke that if you’re bored in Hawaii, you might be boring. After all, the Hawaiian Islands are blessed with some of the most incredible natural resources in the world, favorable weather conditions, rich history and culture and food. So we are “lucky to live Hawaii” as the saying goes, and we also enjoy the holidays here at home. After running mountains and taking in some sun and ooh-ed and ahh-ed in all the other beauty Hawaii has to offer, you will still be amazed to experience Kilaueaup closely and personally. Although the youngest of the shield volcanoes on the big island of Hawaii, it is also one of the largest active volcanoes in the world. Kilauea has been bursting continuously since 1983 and doesn’t seem to be declining anytime soon, which is great news for volcanologists and tourists looking for adventure, making it one of the best places in Hawaii.

Kaanapli Beach has a sense of tourist community, with several hotels, resorts and apartments within walking distance of each other. The beach is spectacular and offers a range of activities such as snorkeling, surfing and swimming, and the Whalers Village shopping center is also very close. Laaina, one of the most attractive cities in Maui, is rich in history and culture, but is also full of restaurants, shops, galleries and a lively nightlife. Lahaina moves away from the beach in a city-like area and is a fun and active city to visit.

The island is the most developed of the main islands and you will feel that way: it is busy here and, unlike some parts of Hawaii, there is more crowds all day. But don’t worry, there are also plenty of natural Oahu to visit, including some fantastic trails, incredible views and lots of breathtaking coastal views to explore. See our Oahu Regions guide for more information on the different parts of Oahu.

The 30,000-acre national park around 10,023 feet latent Haleakala volcano covers more than 75% of Maui and is home to a number of endangered endemic species. A visit to Haleakala is not only unforgettable for many residents and travelers, but is also often spiritual. Haleakala, meaning “House of the Sun” in Hawaiian, is a sacred place where ancient kahuna meditated po’o and received wisdom.