Record A Podcast The Easy Way

Other podcasters take advantage of video editing to post on platforms such as YouTube or divide the video into bite-sized and shareable social media promotions. After you find a place or configuration to record and test your microphone, it’s time to record. Your iPhone comes with a voice note app, so you can easily record your podcast. Just launch your application and press the red “record” button and you are on the way.

Once you have downloaded the app and created your account, you can easily press record to start your episode. After the session, you can delete the audio or insert an introduction or role ads with your editing options. From there, you can publish the finished product directly to your favorite libraries through the RSS feed

We’ve also added some other useful tools that podcasters should know. This software is specially designed for voice audio and is available for PC and Mac users. The features allow you to record, add and edit sound and music effects with multiple mastering options. Then sit back a few inches and leave the burst filter between your mouth and the microphone. Then focus on the distance from your mouth to the microphone settings and adjust your body to the desired volume level.

The software records your recording and saves it as an audio file that you can edit on your computer. It doesn’t matter which operating system you use, as long as the chosen software is compatible. Your computer must also be powerful enough to handle your digital audio workstation . There are also two types of microphones when it comes to capturing sound.

You can also invest in acoustic foam and align a box where you can place your phone and microphone in it to mute as much echo as possible. The main functions are recording and editing podcasts and users don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to get started. With an almost fully automated editing process, the $ 28 a month may seem worthy of beginners. podcast creation in miami While Alitu makes podcast editing very easy, the audio quality does not meet the same standards as other programs on the list. If you have a Mac and plan to create podcasts with it, you can use Apple’s standard video and audio editing application, QuickTime. It’s free and you can record and edit audio files and then export them when you’re done.

For most remote recording situations, Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts are your favorite platforms. All three are easy to configure, easy to use for guests and have sufficient audio reliability for most podcasts. Using QuickTime to record your podcasts may be the right choice, especially if you’re new to this or just want a basic tool to record your voice. It’s simple and doesn’t overwhelm you with a range of advanced features. That said, advanced users can install GarageBand on their Macs and use software to record and edit podcasts. ShurePlus MOTIV Audio and ShurePlus MOTIV video applications, can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

There are still some important things about microphones and general recordings that you should know before you start recording your podcast. We’ve covered most of these topics before, so I’ll link to the accompanying deep dives for more information, but we’ll discuss the basics here. Many USB microphones are more than good for disabling your podcast, but when that phase is over or you’re just ready for a quality update, you want to use an XLR microphone.

You may wonder how complicated the process can be, but it is not that difficult to include, edit and create one. However, this depends to some extent on the software you use to record the podcast. Min Read How to record a high-quality podcast Remotely recording long-distance interviews can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The following tips show you how to remotely record a high quality podcast.

Once you have downloaded the application, you can use the Audio Recorder option on the Tracks tab. But some of his favorite shows have expensive microphones, recorders and mixers to get that studio-quality sound. Others have the advantage of editing, mixing and controlling their content. The Podbean audio recorder app is part of a complete podcasting platform to help you share your voice and grow your audience. The Podbean Audio Recorder supports audio import and export, making it easy to use other professional editing programs and tools or re-use content. In general, you want to set your recording levels so that the signal / noise ratio does not distract the ear.

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