Bahamas Backpacking & Budget Travel Guide Updated

It is also one of the islands closest to Florida, making it a popular day trip destination from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Like New Providence, Grand Bahama is packed with entertainment options, including shops, restaurants, casinos and night clubs. Treasure Cay Beach Voted as one of the most prominent beaches in the world, the spectacular rose island private boat tours bahamas stretch of Aqua water and soft lintel sand always impresses the visitor’s generous people. The charming beach allows local people and visitors to enjoy the most famous fishing tournaments in the Bahamas. The Bahamas are the official home of swimming pigs, a group of about twenty world famous pigs and piglets living in Pig Beach.

Great Harbor Cay is the largest island and here you will find a marina, a golf course, semi-detached houses with sea and lake views. Some say that the Berry Islands are the backyard of the rich and famous, but even ordinary people can enjoy a holiday here, with many beaches to explore and have adventures. The largest resorts and the biggest crowds are located in New Providence, a multi-year cruise stop and the location of the capital and largest city of the Bahamas, Nassau.

With Bahamas Air Tours, determining where you go in the Bahamas is the hardest part, the rest takes care of you and you can sit back and enjoy the journey of a lifetime. Great Exuma is home to Emerald Bay, an area of heavenly tropical landscapes, a white sandy beach with the fascinating turquoise waves of the ocean. It is also complete with some of the best accommodations in the Bahamas and is home to the Sandals Resort & Spa 18-hole golf course designed by none other than the Greg Norman legend. If you prefer to explore a slightly less developed island, a trip to Little Exuma suits you.

New Providence is one of the best islands to visit in the Bahamas when traveling with children. New Providence is home to Nassau, the modern metropolis capital of the Bahamas, and is home to a range of entertainment, restaurants, shops and activities. Shopping in Nassau Bahamas is one of the best in the Caribbean with everything from local markets to designer stores on Bay Street. New Providence also houses Cable Beach, world famous for good reason, as it is an incredibly beautiful piece of pristine white sand and turquoise water. The vast majority of travelers thinking of the Bahamas think of Paradise Island. These are the Bahamas in its heaviest and most vibrant form and it also houses the world famous Atlantis Resorts.

The quaint little Harbor Island with all its discreet charm is perfect for romantic getaways such as a honeymoon or an informal visit. It is only about three miles long and is characterized by Georgian architecture, a super relaxed atmosphere and seemingly intact natural elements. Although Harbor Island is worth a weekend getaway, most visitors spend the day on Harbor Island, instead of spending their entire vacation. It has a huge reef barrier that is 190 miles long and extends more than 6000 feet under the ocean. This promotes the large amount of coral that grows on the reef and promotes a thriving fish population. Along with lonely beaches, this destination is a popular choice for those who appreciate a quieter holiday, filled with guided tours of natural marine habitats.

It is a Caribbean holiday that offers everything from beautiful beaches to fishing, snorkeling, diving and much more. The striking pink building rises above the horizon and indicates that guests must disembark. There are many exciting activities to enjoy, such as the Aquavent Park, which covers 141 hectares. This park has been nominated by TripAdvisor as one of the 25 best water parks in the world. There, visitors can swim with well-trained dolphins and enjoy this unique experience.

Be sure to take a guided tour as soon as you arrive in Grand Bahama so you can visit the island in less time. In fact, the islands that make up this part of the Bahamas are some of the most famous and most perfect you are likely to find. But swimming on the side, the Exumas are lined with incredible white sand that almost shines, making this a pleasure for beach lovers. The islands of the Exumas also remain less crowded than other islands in the Bahamas, although you pay a nice one here. Even informal middle class properties can be expensive, but that’s to be expected given how close you will feel to paradise. Meetings with dolphins, sea lions, inflatable and fun parks, a beautiful white sandy beach: you will find all this and more on Blue Lagoon Island.