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Often costs are the reason to choose alternative materials that are not as good as the original choice. But customers have to remember that they can supply their tenants with the highest quality construction using the most suitable materials. This also guarantees the safety and sustainability of the building. Therefore, project managers and field engineers must carefully analyze the material they need in their projects. Cement is one of the most widely used building materials in the construction industry to build almost all types of structures. Concrete is a composite material made of cement mix, aggregates such as sand and crushed stone and water.

Wood that comes in larger sizes is known as wood or beams and is often used to build frames with large structures, such as bridges and multi-storey buildings. Examples of designed wood are glued laminated wood, plywood and fiberboard. Each building material has different properties such as weight, strength, durability and costs, making it suitable for certain types of applications. The selection of types of materials is based on cost and effectiveness to withstand the loads and stresses that work on the structure. The ferrocement is made of cement mortar reinforced with a small diameter steel mesh and a thin section that adapts to the high performance of the service capacity.

The production of structural quality building materials is subject to quality control procedures that include inspection and testing in Infrastructure construction supplies accordance with national standards. For civil construction work, the main building materials are cement, sand, aggregate and steel.

The exterior facade contains windows and doors that have been recovered from demolished houses in Mumbai. The popularity of industrial style also makes cheap building materials such as industrial steel and iron equally popular. Steel Sustainability reports that cold-formed steel is ideal for residential construction because it does not rot, deform, distribute, crack or drag.

We already reuse and recycle plastics for other consumer use, why not for construction?? Today, plastics are often used for roofs, insulation, window elements and sanitaire accessories. Recovered wood is not only one of the most common cheap building materials, but it is also one of the most modern.