5 Simple Home Remedies To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

For best results, use an electric brush to remove surface stains. If you have coffee-colored teeth, a teeth whitening kit can help you. Using some kits, apply a peroxide-based gel to the tooth surface. In other kits, the gel sits on a tray that forms to the teeth. Certain drinks will certainly stain your teeth even after teeth whitening. According to a study conducted in the European Journal of Dentistry 2014, the worst culprits are tea, red wine, cola and coffee.

These natural home remedies are an alternative to office whitening procedures. It’s also a cost effective way to whiten your teeth and brighten up your smile. Snow’s revolutionary teeth whitening system has already whitened yellow teeth this year with more than half a million smiles, with 99% customer satisfaction. Their kits contain treatments for one year and it only takes 9 minutes a day to remove yellow tooth stains. In the diet, avoid acidic foods that can affect tooth enamel and limit the intake of tea, coffee and red wine. After a particularly sour meal or a cup of coffee, stop using your habit to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth if necessary.

Make sure your oral hygiene is as good as it should, drink fewer juices and soft drinks that cause stains and stop smoking if you smoke. Then rinse your mouth well with clean water and drink water before brushing your teeth. Therefore, pulling the oil can whiten your teeth, because accumulating plaque can cause the yellow discoloration of your teeth. Probably the most effective way to take white-yellow teeth is to visit your dentist for a professional tooth whitening course. With lasers or LEDs with concentrated bleaching products you can achieve results in one visit.

Good oral hygiene is essential, but you can also avoid new stains or deep stains by avoiding food and drinks with acids and colors known to stain teeth. Intense pigmented foods like red wine, berries and coffee should be a pleasure, but not something you eat all day. You can remove particles from these foods and drinks by brushing your teeth shortly after consuming.

Using bleach toothpaste is one of the most popular ways to remove tooth stains. But since this type of toothpaste can only reach the surface, it is best to remove extrinsic stains. Yellowish clínica dental fuengirola and stained teeth are a common cause of shame and self-awareness for people of all ages. Read on to learn some of the easiest ways to keep teeth white and above all healthy.